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About Villa

Our villas feature swimming pools, so you can take your fun to the lawns or simply relax in the comfort of your room. This private getaway offers modern amenities and a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Private plunge pools and sitting areas with views of the valley are available at both the villa and the homestay. Choosing a villa in the Lonavala, with six bedrooms is an excellent choice. Guests of the villa have plenty of time to explore Hills Station. Beautiful amenities are available at the villa. Centrally located accommodations are a great choice for guests who do not wish to commute. A swimming pool, a hammock garden, a parking lot, and a building with amenities are among its amenities. Enjoy. All of the rooms feature luxurious furniture, making them very comfortable.

Vintage architecture style this picture-perfect Villa ideal for a romantic getaway
You’ll love this place because of the serene and calm location in the typical hills station area.
Located in Tungarli road near in a quiet surrounding in typical hill-station feel with trees and mountain view, an ideal place to relax & rejuvenate yourself.

It`s a 6 bedroom ( 4 attached bath) beautifully decorated Villa

The villa has 6 bedrooms in total with a balcony including 5 Bathrooms, a spacious Living room, a kitchen, an open garden area, private swimming tank.


House Rules

  • Check-In / Out
    Check-in time is after 2.00 pm and Check-Out time before 11.00 am
  • House Functions
    we have fixed RO System to the kitchen from which you can get purification water
  • Water Supply
    The supply of water is 24 hours
    If any issues you can contact our caretakers
  • Hot Water
    Service of hot water is available.
    There are electric geysers in each bathroom.
    The caretaker will guide you regarding the use of geysers.
  • Power Supply and Appliances
    As it is a village area electricity failure may occur. If electricity turns out kindly inform the caretakers to start the ups inverter
  • The TV is a new wall-mounted 42-inch flat-screen at leaving the area
  • Music system
    There is also a sound system with a standard Bluetooth connector
    If you want to play your own music stored on your own device, use the sound system which is in the Living area
  • Kitchen
    Cups saucers, mugs, glassware, knives, forks, spoons etc., and a variety of cooking utensils are available. The plates are porcelain. Not stainless steel.
  • Microwave oven, pressure cooker, rice cooker, double gas burner, fridge
    Pots, kadis, frying pans and assorted cooking implements.
  • If you want to cook your own meals you can inform the caretakers as they will provide you with the groceries.
  • The supermarket is 5 minutes away by a vehicle.
    General Stores and Vegetable Market are 5 minutes away from the villa.
  • Eating In
    1. Food delivery at Villa:
    The menu card of Restaurants are available on in the villa
    You can order directly as they deliver food at the Villa
    Or also swiggy and Zomato orders can be delivered to bungalow
    Details as below:
    Vyanjan food
    Interval pure veg restaurant
    Lonavala Restaurant
    Hotel Chandralok
    Ramkrishna Pure Veg
    2 . also caretaker is good to cook he has a pocket-friendly menu card
    You can order him
  • Indoor and outdoor games:
    Items will be available on request
    Carom board, badminton rackets, Play card, Bat and Ball, Football, candlelight dinner.
  • Bed and linens Arrangements:
  • We are Dry Cleaning bed sheets and towels after every single stay
  • Each bedroom have a double bed with Mattress and bedsheets
    Blankets & Quilts are kept in the Wardrobe of every bedroom
    If you want to change the bedsheet you can ask the caretaker
    Extra mattress (Gaddi) 12 of them are available. If you want you can ask the caretaker.
    It is with bed sheets
    It is kept in a storage room in the upper area of the villa
  • Bath Accessories and Toiletries:
    In every bathroom, we have kept 2 towels
    1 soap in each bathroom
    1 shampoo sachet
    We are drycleaning every towel after a single use or checkout



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